About Us

Gülsan Grup

About Us

Founded as a family company in 1980, GÜLSAN GRUP comes among the top companies of the sector and works for the target of being a regional leader with its history full of success. Behind the GÜLSAN GRUP’s success, there is a customer-oriented, efficiency and sustainability centered management approach.

Gülsan Grup, founded as a family company, has always targeted handing down the experience and knowledge for success to next generations and has taken relevant steps in this regard. To realize the target of sustainable success, it has encouraged the second generation to train itself in a way to bring an added value into the sector.

This approach has not only put a goal for the material profits but also made it possible to be among the century old companies by means of conveying the ideas and corporate culture into other generations.

Being aware of the responsibilities based on the undertaken objective, Gülsan Grup acts in a way to be a leader and example for the society as well as contributing to the country’s economy with investments and employment.


As Gülsan Grup, our vision is to be a leader in the sector we serve in Turkey and in the region as a family company with a customer-oriented approach.


With the modern, reliable, competitive and dynamic management and production approach, to use all sources and knowledge obtained from the sectors of activity and to contribute to the target of sustaining the success for generations based on the foundations laid down.

Our quality control process starts with the entrance of raw material and continues with intermediate and final checks up to product delivery. When the customer accepts the product, process is completed.

Control of the products is also followed by ERP system. ERP system includes all information from the quotation period to production starting and ending times, quality control inputs and outputs, material conditions and stock conditions.

Gülsan Grup Value and Principles:

  • Continuous and High Customer Satisfaction
  • High level of Work Ethics and Honesty
  • Confidentiality
  • Innovation
  • Happy and Productive Employees
  • Reliable and Honest Competition
  • Contribution to Society and Country